Best Forex Expert Advisors & Best Forex Systems

What is a forex expert advisor?

Forex expert advisors (EA) are a set of rules and conditions that trigger trades automatically on your account, according to the set rules. They are typically installed on the Meta Trader platform and have become very popular with traders who wish to follow an automated system rather than make manual trades. The biggest advantage of using an EA is the amount of time saved for the trader. Once the EA is set up, it runs on auto-pilot so it does not require much investment of time. Another reason why these, and also forex trading systems are popular is because they often appear to require little or no knowledge of actual trading.

What is a forex system?

A forex trading system may not necessarily be an automated software solution. A forex system may just refer to a trading strategy that is made up of certain rules and conditions that traders can follow. More often than not, these systems are eventually turned into EAs to add the automation part. Both terms can be used to refer to a similar topic.

If the idea of automated trading through a forex system appeals to you, the best advice we can give is to make sure that the results of the system are as recent as possible and working on a live account. It's possible for a trader to publish their account history to prove that the system is being run on a real money account. This should provide some indication of the success of a forex system.

Check the table below for the leading forex EAs and systems that are available on the net.