The Brains Behind BestForexBrokers

We are proud of our expert panel of reviewers, who are traders themselves. They are cognizant of even the most intricate details of how brokers operate in the market as they approach a broker review from a trader’s perspective. It is one reason why our team continues to churn out some of the best Forex broker reviews in the entire industry, and our readers continue to be in high praise of what we have accomplished through our website. Let us meet our expert reviewers and get to know them in detail.

Amanda Gutierrez

Best Forex Brokers team - Amanda Gutierrez

Amanda is an expert trader who has been indulging in Forex and metals trading for over 17 years. She is an avid analyst who has a keen eye for spotting the massive movements in the market. However, her true strength lies in finding the right trading partner who can protect her trading capital and can offer the best trading conditions that will allow her to maximize her trading performance. Reviewing brokers is a passion for her, as she believes in giving back to the community by finding the best Forex brokers in the market. She holds a master’s degree in Finance and is contemplating a research future in the same field.

David Hill

Best Forex Brokers team - David Hill

David is more of a writer than a trader who understands what needs to be done to ensure that the right message is passed across to the reader. He indulges in trading part-time, and although he has only been trading for 3 years, he has been reviewing brokers for more than 9 years. During this time, he has had exposure to some of the most exhaustive brokers’ collections from different parts of the world. He is truly a remarkable writer who has reviewed countless brokers and has the uncanny ability to weed out the best brokers from the rest. David is certainly one of the brightest stars on our team.

Robert Anderson

Best Forex Brokers team - Robert Anderson

Robert is the most experienced trader on our review panel, as he has been trading Forex and CFDs for more than 25 years. He has witnessed the evolution of Forex trading to what it has become today. He has also worked with several large institutions and has even taken part in multi-million-dollar Forex transactions as a part of his corporate ventures.

Nowadays, he manages a risk-averse trading career that does not take too much risk in the Forex market. Due to his years of expertise in Forex trading and insider knowledge of how liquidity pools work, he can shed light on why brokers behave the way they do. His unique insights have helped develop the most comprehensive review of brokers, as it helps us offer unbiased and clear evidence about the broker’s actual performance under live trading conditions. Robert has a Ph.D. in Finance and has indulged in research primarily concentrated on the CFD market.

Stephanie Hughes

Best Forex Brokers team - Stephanie Hughes

Stephanie is responsible for editing all the broker reviews that are churned out. She is the only non-trader in the team but possesses extensive knowledge about the entire Forex trading industry.

Her editing prowess makes us want to create the best content possible, or she will ensure that the reviews are rewritten until it meets her minimum quality standards. Her relentless work ensures that all broker reviews are compiled and edited to meet the best of writing standards so that all readers can easily comprehend the ideas presented in our reviews.

William Tucker

Best Forex Brokers team - William Tucker

William is the youngest member of the team, and his enthusiasm and energy keep the entire team on their toes. He is predominantly a trader with a master’s degree in Mathematics, making him good with numbers. William takes care of all the research related to the market and the brokers and is adept at finding information that is impossible to retrieve. His pragmatic approach ensures that the information collected stays true to the facts and compiles them so that the entire team can brainstorm for ideas in an efficient manner. His hunger for success is quite motivating for the entire team, and the team as a whole appreciates the efforts put in by him day in and day out.

Our Motive & Promise

At, our promise to our readers to state the facts and present them without any compromise on quality. We might face issues with brokers from time to time due to the revealing nature of our reviews, but we believe that it is absolutely vital to put the traders’ interests beyond brokers’ profit motive. Therefore, our motive is to always generate the best Forex brokers reviews and continue to improve our reviewing guidelines to meet our readers’ expectations.

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