Best Managed Forex Accounts

Managed forex accounts are run by experienced traders who offer their forex trading services in return for a monthly fee (either a set figure or a percentage of the profit obtained in the account).

There are several ways that managed forex accounts can be run. One way is for all the investors to deposit money into the trader's account. The trader records what % share the client has and pays profits accordingly. This method is knows as investing in a PAMM account. PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module which is the software that is able to keep track of and manage all aspects related to multiple investors having funds in the main trader's account.

The other method is for the client to open their own account, deposit their money and then authorize limited access for the trader to enable them to make trades on your behalf. The trades themselves can be automated by linking the client account to the trader's account so that all trades made on the trader’s account are duplicated on the client's account.

Of the 2 methods above, the PAMM system is more common amongst forex brokers. Quite a few brokers offer PAMM accounts that are tracked for their performance and can be sorted by various statistics to form a ranking that potential investors can choose from.

Here is a list of links of the brokers that offer PAMM ranking tables.