Best Forex Brokers for Scalping

Top 5 Brokers for Scalping - Last update: 24th May, 2018
Rank Broker Name Trust Score Reviews
1 XM 99 / 100 XM Reviews
2 HotForex 94 / 100 HotForex Reviews
3 98 / 100 Reviews
4 LiteForex 75 / 100 LiteForex Reviews
5 FXGlobe 88 / 100 FXGlobe Reviews

The above table contains the top ranked forex brokers in our database for scalping trading strategies.

What is scalping in forex?

Scalping is a type of trading strategy where the trader only holds positions for a very short time, closing them to pick up just a handful of pips.

Scalpers repeat this process either manually or through an automated trading system to execute hundreds, if not thousands of trades a day.

Some forex brokers will not allow scalping as they may not deem it to be profitable business. We have assessed the brokers in our database to score them in the following categories:

  • Scalping permitted - The broker must specifically state that they allow scalping
  • Currency pairs - The number of currency pairs available to trade
  • Minimum deposit - How much is required to open an account
  • Spreads - How low the spreads are for major currency pairs compared to other accounts

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