What are the best currency pairs for scalping?

The best currency pairs for scalping are EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF due to their stability and liquidity.

Forex scalpers trade very tight and can’t afford volatile market conditions. Therefore, our recommended currency pairs are the 3 majors which are known to be very stable in their price movements. Additionally, market liquidity is another very important factor as scalpers need to open and close dozens of positions in a very short time.

If an order can’t be filled or the broker is too slow to execute the trades, the scalping strategy will break down and this will be the difference between winning and losing during the session.

Scalpers not welcome at all forex brokers

It is definitely worth checking to see if your preferred broker has a policy against scalpers. Some brokers will close your account or warn you against scalping if it is against their terms and conditions. Scalpers can create problems in some brokers as they may not be set up to handle such high volume, high frequency trades and end up overloading their trading systems.

Check our list of the best forex brokers for scalping if you are looking for a scalping friendly broker.

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