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The website offers forex signals as well as gold signals. Almost all of the top forex brokers allow trading of gold so you have another option if you want to look outside of forex. I analysed their most recent free forex signal. What I liked was that the signal was very easy to follow, set out the reason for the recommendation as well as exact values for entering the trade, 2 levels of take profit and a stop loss. I found that the stop loss was very sensible at 60 pips and represented good value when looking at both the take profit levels. The 1 signal that I looked at was almost right on the mark as well. Unfortunately it missed the entry trigger but the 2nd take profit level was amazingly accurate, with the market finding support around that area. Had the initial entry trigger activated, this trade would be worth about 120 pips within just the day. Not bad for a free signal! I think this signal provider is worth following, so try the 14 day free trial where you can monitor and test their performance over a 2 week period. forex trading signal chart


Paid or free: Both, free trial available Website: A site which offers free weekly forex signals and a more frequent paid option (with a 14 day free trial).
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