Best Forex Signal Providers

What are forex signals?

If you don't want to spend time analysing the forex market on a daily basis or you would prefer to have some expert input into making trading decisions, a forex signals service may be right for you.

Forex signals are typically provided to you over e-mail or SMS and contain suggested trades by the provider. They will usually come with an entry price and both a stop loss price and a take profit price. It's up to you to actually place the order on the market so there is still some manual involvement.

If you prefer a fully automated solution, you should consider managed accounts or copy trading. With forex signals, you can still decide on the actual level of investment for each trade so there is some more control over the financial aspect.

How to choose a forex signals provider

The most obvious research you want to see is the proof. Are they backing up their claims on a verified, tracked account somewhere? Are they providing account statements with every trade listed? Are they using a live, real money account and not a demo?

We've done some research into the best forex signal providers and have written up reviews which you can access in the table below.

Signal Provider Name Review Reviews Reviews